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Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Reappraisal. In Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Reappraisal, pp. 1-25. Washington: U. Library of Congress, 1963. Grouped perhaps rashly with the Black Humorists, Vonnegut holds his own, matching Yossarians with Howard. Campbells, Guy Grands with Eliot Rosewaters, and Sebastian Dangerfields with Malachi Constants. The pieces element dental logo are grouped under four headings: Approaches (the most generally accessible section, even though ninety-nine out of the hundred questions Birkerts asks remain unanswered and --"What is the linguistic structure of the unconscious?"--unanswerable); Readings (excellent close readings of a stanza by John Keats and a poem each by Philip Larkin, Craig Raine, Marianne Moore, and James Wright); The Critics Work (brief book reviews of slight interest, especially the vitriolic one wherein Birkerts tells why he cannot read John Ashbery); and Poets in Translation (a smorgasbord of translations of such poets as Rainer Maria Rilke, Boris Pasternak, Czeslaw Milosz, and Octavio Paz, as Birkerts stresses the inaccuracies of but need for translations). Tom Weylin dies of a heart attack.

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